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The CougAR Lab

Founded in 2022 by Dr. Tony Liao at the University of Houston, the CougAR lab is unique in that it focuses on augmented reality technologies from a social science perspective, understanding how people utilize emerging technologies in everyday life, how emerging technologies can affect people’s perceptions of place, and how the discussion surrounding emerging technologies shapes development of the technology. Our mission is to conduct ground-breaking empirical research that advances our social and societal understanding of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies.

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Spatial VR Room

A website can be the perfect platform to display the work of an organization. However, wouldn't it make sense for a virtual and augmented technologies lab to have a VR platform to promote and showcase its work? Built by CougAR Lab students, our awesome VR gallery stands as our official platform readily available for exploration in VR. You can use it on your browser or on the Spatial mobile app, but for the real experience, try it on a headset!

spatial vr room
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If you're a student interested in learning about XR technologies then the CougAR Lab might be the perfect place for you.